Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Providing exceptional customer experiences could be the only thing separating your small business from the competition.
An unfortunate consequence of worldwide technology and the Internet placing abundant choice at every human being’s fingertips is that most products just look alike. If not yet because yours is new, they soon will when the competition rips off your look and feel. What’s left to distinguish your small business? More than likely it is customer experience, and there is great news. The only people who talk about your exceptional service that count are your customers. What you say on your website is irrelevant without them. With social media all the rage, it’s easier than ever to get viral and put your business past the tipping point if and only if your service is truly legendary.
We try very hard.... ! well Isy does, to find articles which will inform our clients and those looking at our various sites with information and links of interest here is one we hope will help: - Customer service do's and don'ts

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Morning everyone, so your present accountant has given you his invoice and WOOH the fees have increased .... ! and so has your tax liability. What to do next change your accountant perhaps, call us and lets see if we can reduce your fees to start with for the coming year and lets have a good look at whether we can reduce your liabilty for the coming year. Unlike many accountants we are tax experts and won't wait for you to ask we will find ways if possible to reduce your liability ans make suggestions to you we are pro-active in assisting you. Call us today and lets get together for a constructive meeting. Join our many satisfied clients across the North West.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Fiona Wills updated her status.: "Strawberries with double cream and a bottle of Cava rose (living beyond our means). Bliss. Thanks Karen Chandisingh"
‎31st July deadline for tax credits, bring your accounts in, don't loose out! For more info give me Fiona on 01995601190