Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rural Accountants, Lancashire

When many people think of Lancashire, they think of the central Lancashire towns of Preston, Blackpool and Lancaster, but even post the 1974 boundary changes, Lancashire is a relatively large county with many of its 1,189 square miles still rural.

If your business is located in a rural area, far from the nearest high street, everyday business processes, such as a visit to the accountant can be a chore.

Mobile Accountants

Enter Fiona Wills Accounting Services. Based in Garstang at the heart of Lancashire, I am a fully mobile accountant and I come to you, meaning you don't have to leave and / or shut your business.

No need travel miles to drop off paperwork or for a 30 minute meeting. I come to you!

I was raised in South Cumbria and Lancashire and am very aware of the problems associated with running a business in this largely rural area.

My services include VAT and self-assessment returns, bookkeeping, tax advice, company formations, payroll services, management accounts and more.

I pride myself on a flexible personal service and will always strive to meet your requirements and provide the very best information and advice.

Accountantancy Services throughout Lancashire

So whether you're looking for Accountants north of Lancaster, Bookkeeping Services to the west of Preston or Payroll Services east of Blackpool, give Fiona Wills Accounting Services a call.

An Accountancy Shanty

How about a bit of light relief to kick off this chilly November with?

For the few who remember it and the many who've probably never heard of it, here is the Accountancy Shanty song from Rutland Weekend Television (RWT):

RWT was a television sketch show, written by Eric Idle (of Monty Python fame) with music by Neil Innes, which aired in the mid 1970s on BBC2.

Accountancy Shanty Lyrics

And for those who want to sing along, here are the words from the sketch:

Battley: Look, up in the trees! Accountants. The long day's accounts are done and they gather here in the Reigate Woods to sing accountancy shanties.

Accountant(s): 'Twas in my youth I ran away
To accountancy one day
With pen and paper collar and stud
Accountancy was in my blood
      I'll scribble away and balance the books and sing an accountancy shanty!
I chartered an accountant at the age of twenty-one
      I'll scribble away and balance the books and sing an accountancy shanty!
So raise a glass of medium-dry sherry
To the golden age of VAT
      I'll scribble away and balance the books and sing an accountancy shanty!

Battley: Ah, it's a rare sight for this part of Reigate...